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I have been running Office 2013 on a virtual machine on my Mac for more than a year, but suddenly one day, when I try to open Word, I receive the following error message:
Unable to verify license for this product
The product key is valid, it was activated on the Internet when I first installed it, so I am not sure why I received this error. Anyway, after playing a few possible solutions, it is now running without a pop-up error message.

Method 1 – Change the time and reactivate

One suggestion is to set the system time back to the date the original Office was installed, then re-enter the product key, activate the product, and then change the time back to the current date. Therefore, after changing the time on your computer, you can enter the product key by going to Control Panel – Programs and Features.

  • Now click on Microsoft Office and click on the “Change” button.
  • Now check the radio button next to “Enter product key” and click “Next.”
  • Now continue to find the product key for Office, usually on the package and into the box.

Once you are done, you can launch any program in Office and perform the activation. At this point, if it is activated successfully, you can change the time back to the current date and time. It should remain active after a reboot.

Method 2 – System Restore

If Office is working properly and suddenly starts to explode, you can always try a system restore. You can perform a system restore by clicking Start and typing System Restore.

Method 3 – Office Software Protection Platform

If you’re running Office 2010, Office 2010 SP1 adds a new service called Office Software Protection Platform, which sometimes asks you to reactivate Office.

Method 4 – Uninstall and reinstall

At this point, if you are still experiencing problems, you may need to perform a full uninstall and reinstall and then reactivate Office. However, the way you want to do this is to uninstall properly using the Microsoft FixIT tool. Be sure to download the version that corresponds to the version you have installed.

If your product key is not genuine, it is not verifiable, you can go to some Microsoft stores to buy genuine office keys online. Named CDKEY365

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