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When you encounter a Windows activation error, you must know how to fix it easily. In this article, I will summarize some common Windows activation errors and provide useful solutions to fix them. In addition, instructions are provided about what happens when Windows is not activated and why the Microsoft product key is not working.

What does activation mean? Specifically, Windows activation is used to:

  • Verify that the copy of Windows is genuine.
  • Check if the number of devices running this copy exceeds the limit allowed by the Microsoft Software License Terms.

After installing the Windows system, you will be asked to complete the activation process: Know if the operating system (OS) is activated and linked to your Microsoft account. To be honest, it’s important to associate a digital license with a Microsoft account. why? This is because this will allow you to reactivate Windows by activating troubleshooting when making important hardware changes.

Windows activation errors occur frequently to prevent users from successfully activating Windows. Why is this happening? How to fix window activation error? What happens if Windows is not activated? Questions such as within will be answered in the following.

The most common errors are:Windows activation error 0xC004C003

The most likely cause of error code 0xC004C0003 is a Windows 10 upgrade and a new installation. When you try to activate Windows, it is easy to encounter a 0xC004C003 error.

  • 0xC004C003 Windows 10 is not activated after upgrade: This error may occur when you do not complete the Windows 10 upgrade correctly. In this case, performing an in-place upgrade is a simple solution.
  • Microsoft Error Code 0xC004C003: This error can be caused if the activation server is busy. The solution to fix it in this situation is very simple: just wait for a while (maybe a few hours) and try to activate Windows 10 again.
  • 0xC004C003 After a hardware change: A hardware change may also result in a 0xC004C003 error code. If you have this disease, please contact Microsoft as soon as possible.
  • 0xC004C003 Windows 10 product key does not work: You will see this data if your digital license or product key is invalid. Make sure you have a genuine copy of Windows. (This copy of Windows is not genuine.

How to Fix error 0xC004C003?

Make sure to upgrade to Windows 10 using Windows Update.

If you are upgrading Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to Windows 10, Windows Update should be your first choice.

Advantages of upgrading with Windows Update:

  • It converts your valid license key into a digital license.
  • If necessary, you can reinstall Windows 10 on your computer without using a product key.

3 steps to upgrade your operating system with Windows Update:

  • Reinstall the previous version of Windows.
  • Make sure the version is activated.
  • Navigate to Windows Update and follow the instructions to complete the upgrade.

What should I do if the key is unsuccessful?

If the reason for the Windows 10 activation error is that the key is unsuccessful, I suggest you re-purchase a genuine key for activation. I recommend you to online shop named VANSKEYS.COM to get product key.

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