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With the launch of the Windows 8 system, Microsoft has embarked on a new level of touch-screen desktops/PCs. To maintain the touch screen in nature, the Windows 8 system has undergone a significant improvement in its user interface and startup speed. You can learn how to get a product key for a Windows 8 system and how to upgrade to Windows 10 for free in this article.

What is the Windows 8 Product Key ?

The Windows product key is a 25-character code. Microsoft uses this secret key for two reasons:

1. It allows Microsoft to verify that your copy of Windows is not being used on other PCs, and that there are license terms allowed.

2. After successful verification, Microsoft uses this key to activate your copy of Windows.

Why do I need a Windows 8 Product Key ?

When you install Windows 8 system, it asks you to mention a product key to activate a copy of Windows. If you do not have a Windows 8 key, you may not be able to install and activate the system. So you can’t use more Windows 8 system features, how do I get a Windows 8 product key?

How to get Windows 8 Product Key ?

First, you can find some free Windows 8 product keys on the internet as follows:







If Internet activation is unsuccessful, use phone activation to open a command prompt as an administrator before entering the phone activation screen, and enter the following code to replace the key, and change the region to your location when using the phone activation. Here some of free product key share:







In addition to entering the product key, you can also use the Tools to activate Windows replicas, such as KMS, to activate Windows for free.

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Windows 8 Professional Product Key

How to Upgrade to Windows 10 for free from Windows 8 ?

If your Windows 8 system has been activated successfully, then go directly to Microsoft Official download windows ISO file: Download Windows 8.1 Disc Image (ISO File) – Microsoft. To install after downloading, follow the steps to upgrade directly from Windows 8. After installation, restart the computer, open the settings, you will findĀ  “Windows is activated”, stating that your Windows 10 has been directly activated.



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