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If you have already given updates to my other Microsoft products when you update Windows in Windows Update settings, Windows Update will automatically install the Office 2016 update when it is available. You can also manually check for Office 2016 updates at any time, unless automatic Office updates are disabled. It is recommended that you use Automatic Updates-but if you select  “No “, make sure to check for updates at least once a week.

How to check for Windows updates in Office 2016 ?

1. In the Office 2016 program, click/Tap File.

2. Tap/Click Account or office account.

3. Tap/Click Update Options, tap/click Update Now.

4. The Office will now check for updates.

5. Perform step 6 (NO) or Step 7 (yes), depending on whether there is an update available for Office.

6. If there are no updates available for Office 2016

  • If you are up-to-date, then click/Tap Close. You’re done

7. If an update is available for Office 2016

  • If there is an Office update, they will now start the download.
  • When you are ready to install the Office update, click Continue .
  • This update will now be applied.

Not working? Please try the following:

1. If the update option is missing and only the about  button is available, you can install a volume license, or your company is using Group Policy to manage Office updates. Try a Microsoft update or contact your company desk.

2. To manually download updates, see Office updates.

3. If you want to update office but can’t open any Office applications, try repairing your office suite:

  • Go to Control Panel > Program > uninstall program.
  • Find and select your Microsoft Office version on your computer.
  • In the bar above, click  Change . Select Quick Repair> Repair. If this does not work, try these steps again, but select  “online Repair “. If you still cannot open any applications, uninstall and reinstall Office.

How to Upgrade from Office 365 to Office 2016 ?

If you are currently subscribed to Office 365, you will be glad to know that you can now upgrade to Office 2016 in just a few minutes.

  • To upgrade, you will need to use the Office website and sign in to your Microsoft account.
  • Once logged in, you simply click “Install ” under the ” NEW: Office 2016 now available ” area under.
  • Next, click the Install  button on the results page.
  • From the browser or download folder, click Install executable file. User Account Control should pop up and ask if you want the installer to make changes to your computer.
  • Click “Yes ” to continue, and the installer should take care of the rest.

Until the installation is successful, you can use your Office 2016.

If your Office 365 is not activated before the upgrade, you will need to enter the product key upgrade after upgrading to Office 2016, how do I get the product key for office2016 ? You can go to Microsoft shop like Amazon、ebay. But i know that is expensive. Now you can go site Ocdkeys to get genuine key, and the price is cheap.



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