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To the person who thinks that it might be windows 10 soon.

If you have been using Windows 7 for a long time, it might be better to WINDOWS 10 soon.

I think some of you are thinking. I have decided to buy the WINDOWS10 as a new PC, the Office software you are using now, who wants to use the software you are familiar with,

There is a way to upgrade Windows 7 pc to WINDOWS 10. However, you want to know, even if you can use Windows 7 pc, when it comes to windows 10 pc, it is that there is also software that can not be used.

The software that becomes unusable is often removed automatically from the program during the upgrade to WINDOWS10.

Therefore, you need to know beforehand whether the version of the software you are using corresponds to WINDOWS 10 and then upgrade it. In particular, it would be better to think that mail software Windows Live Mail will not be usable in WINDOWS 10.

In the latest version of WINDOWS 10, Windows Live Mail is no longer available for installation. And upgrading to WINDOWS10 is not always a success.

Therefore, please be sure to save the important data such as an external hard disk, the email information that you have set up, and the ID and password information, and write it out on a paper by all means. Many of you think that the free upgrade from Windows 7 (8.1) to WINDOWS 10 has ended at the end of July 2016, and that the upgrade is no longer available at this time. You have just finished upgrading through Windows Update and the manual upgrade is still possible.

How to upgrade from Windows 7 (8.1) to WINDOWS 10

Create a DVD from an ISO file

If you want to upgrade, start by creating a DVD of WINDOWS10.


If you press the “Download Tool now” button on the page above, you can download the file Mediacreationtool.exe.

This file is for installing the latest version of WINDOWS 10, named Windows 10 Creators update. Start the downloaded file, and then select “Create an installation media (USB flash drive, DVD, or ISO file) to install Windows 10 on another PC using this tool”, and I

Create the Iso file.

※ I personally do not install the USB memory, so this time I will explain the DVD creation. Once you have created this ISO file, you can use the DVD creation software on your computer and burn the ISO file to DVD-R, and the DVD-R will be the WINDOWS10 installation disk.

(For permanent preservation) * If you have a built-in DVD drive on your computer, you should always have a DVD creation software. If you don’t have a visceral DVD drive, you can buy an external DVD drive and it comes with a soft.

The first step is to complete Windows update.

For Windows 7 or windows 8.1, you must first manually run Windows Update and apply the latest version of Windows Update to your computer. (Very important)

If Windows update is not up to date, upgrading to WINDOWS 10 will fail prematurely. When you get to the latest Windows Update status, restart your computer to finally see the desktop.

Change the power settings on the battery

Next, the important thing is to change the power settings on the battery to set the “do not turn off the screen automatically”, “do not switch off the screen,” or “Never sleep.” * This setting can be done from the control Panel.

As a matter of fact, the WINDOWS 10 upgrade is very time consuming, so if the screen is erased or a sleep occurs, you will not be able to see the installation status. For this reason, it is important that you never turn off all the power of your computer.

Check the Windows 7 or windows 8.1 product key

Next, check the product key for the operating system you are currently using.

Usually, the back of the computer itself is affixed with a Microsoft seal, I think the product key is printed in small letters there.

If the seal is not affixed, please check the accessories of the PC. In fact, this product key is the key to installing WINDOWS 10.

I finally put the DVD of WINDOWS 10

Finally, I set the DVD of the WINDOWS10 that I created.

After a while, Setup starts, and the installation screen of the WINDOWS10 comes out, and the installation starts according to the display of the screen.

The first step is to enter the WINDOWS 10 product key. (How To Buy Windows 10 License? or Where is Cheap Windows 10 Product Key Purchase?)

I do not have a product key of windows10 here, but I do not think it is OK.

Please enter the product key of Windows 7 or windows 8.1, as confirmed above.

After that, it will take a very long time if you go to the road, please wait patiently.

It may take about overnight, so please be patient. If you get an error in the middle of the process, you must cancel the installation and never force the computer to shut down.

If you wait patiently after the cancellation, you will be returned to the original screen. If the installation succeeds, the WINDOWS 10 boot screen should be displayed on the screen.

Windows 10 Home Key Global (32/64 Bit)

Clean Installation Of Windows 10 Is Also Possible.

In fact, if you do not have to inherit the software and data of Windows7 and windows8.1, you can also use the DVD of the WINDOWS10 created above, to clean install the WINDOWS10 on your PC.

If you’re not familiar with the clean installation method, you can install it if you have a product key of Windows7 or 8.1.

A personal recommendation is to replace the old hard disk with a new hard disk and install the WINDOWS 10 in the case of an upgrade to WINDOWS 10.

If your PC’s hardware is not WINDOWS 10, you just have to go back to your old hard disk, so you don’t have to fail. And surprisingly, WINDOWS 10 has a device driver for most computer devices, so you can upgrade with an Internet connection.

I think that the problem that it did not fit hard in most cases is few.

If you replace it with a new hard disk, you will enter the WINDOWS10 in a good condition, I think the condition of the PC is created a system in a very nice state.

However, because the software that was originally entered is lost, such as a CD and DVD burning software and New Year’s card software, I think that it is necessary to obtain it from somewhere and install it later. To some extent, if you have not been a person who has done the recovery of the PC, clear installation is difficult because I think it might be better not do amateur.


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