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Due to the Windows 7/8.1 PC Windows 10 upgrades were implemented radical policies, Microsoft has come in for a lot of criticism before July 29, 2016-even if everyone can enjoy free updates for 1 year. To upgrade to the new system in order not to let the system off guard, windows 10 product key Purchase, we have to work through a variety of means to prevent, but Microsoft seems to be no means of retreat. Windows 10 in July when I first released last year, the company also allows users choose whether or not to accept the upgrade old equipment. But over time, we can only struggle to cope with the endless stream of new moves.

windows 10 upgrade

Below is a brief summary:

September 2015: Microsoft started without a user’s permission, which automatically download upgrades mirrors, some users find files taking up 6GB of storage space, even consume their data flow in packages;

October 2015: windows 8 forum users now report that their “upgrade to Windows 10” in the prompt box, confirm that option is ticked by default, windows 10 product key 2016, one does not notice will let you “accidentally upgrade”, but Microsoft says it was a misunderstanding;

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December 2015: Microsoft released a new version of “get Windows 10”, but user has only 2 options–“upgrade now” or “night upgrade” – don’t give you completely exit opportunities;

January 2016: by modifying the registry law of the user (mostly via third-party software) frustrated to find that Microsoft will update the system registry are reset to default–shielding Windows Update patch upgrading Windows 10 in tug of war begins;

February 2016: as October 2015 says that Microsoft Windows 10 updates marked as “recommended” and not “optional”, windows 7 pro key buy, which leads to many open somehow automatically updates the user to upgrade to the new system did not want;

Since then: Microsoft allows users to specify the date and time of a system upgrade, and click “” not as expected to cancel the plan to install the common sense, but “windows 7 pro key buy” behavior as is to delay the upgrade–obviously, user’s anger was also higher.

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