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Usually on netbooks already have an windows 7 operating system, so that buyers may not worry and almost immediately to begin work with the device. However, not all users are satisfied with the version of windows that they have and they want to replace it with another. On the one hand, the problems should not arise. But on the other hand, buy windows 7 key cheap not all models of netbooks has a floppy drive. What to do in this case?

How to reinstall Windows 7 operating system

How to reinstall windows on a NetBook without a floppy drive, is actually quite simple. The only thing you need to do is overwrite the Setup disk cheap windows 7 product key to the USB media. This procedure can be done in several ways. Consider one of them.

First you need to copy the iso image to your computer system. Then run the program UltraISO. In her turn the file-open and select the previously copied the system image. Go to where the bales on the click on the Write Disk Image. Insert the USB flash drive and its formatiruem NetBook. The file system type should be NTFS.

Windows 7 Professional Product Key

Once formatting is complete, return to the program UltraISO. Go to the tab open. Click here to record and confirm their actions OK. Now wait when windows 7 professional product key will record distribution. Instead of Flash, you can use a memory card, a removable hard drive and other types of USB drive. Once the operation is finished, you can pull out the USB flash drive.

Windows 7 Professional

We got a USB drive with the recorded on it distribution. The next step is to log in the Bios, where you want to install booting from Flash memory cards or Flash drives. To do this, as soon as it starts booting NetBook, you must press a certain key. For different models of devices it can vary, usually stated the Logon button in Bios in the instructions that came with your computer. Then find the BOOT tab, where is the boot order. The first to expose the USB drive.
After the performed operations, boot from a flash drive, and then install is similar to how the procedure is done using disk. The user only has to follow windows 7 ultimate product key the instructions of the system, which is quite understandable. The last thing you will need to do after reinstalling-to find and install the driver for this version of the operating system. In order to make things more interesting interface, you can find out how to enable aero in windows 7 ultimate. This application has quite a few features and can be useful for users of Microsoft OSes.

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