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Should you switch and upgrade to Office 2016?

This is a very subjective question, depending in large part on how and why you use Microsoft Office in the first place, and how you get Office. However, if you’re looking for a reason, here are five things that might make Office 2016 worth the risk.

  1. Real-time collaboration
    Competitor Productivity Suite has been a trick for some time, but has been lacking in Microsoft Office is the ability to do real-time collaboration or co-authoring. Co-authoring in Word and PowerPoint enables multiple people to work on documents (or presentations) at the same time, even if they are using a different device or operating system.
  2. More efficient Email
    Mail clients, including Microsoft Outlook, have for many years included junk e-mail filters that can separate legitimate messages from spam. However, many ostensibly legitimate emails still do not require immediate attention. The clutter feature in Outlook 2016 distinguishes important e-mail messages from unimportant e-mail messages so that you can focus on what’s important.
  3. Intelligent Lookup
    The new context menu option called “smart find ” gives you quick and easy access to a range of information about words or phrases. In previous versions of Office, you could right-click a word to find its definition, but “smart find ” would take it further afield.
  4. Tell me
    Every time Microsoft makes a new version of anything, one of the biggest complaints is that it can’t find its previous features and features. The new with ME option almost eliminates this kind of complaint and gives you an easy way to find anything and everything. On the right side of the menu bar is a light bulb icon with a text box that shows the phrase “Tell me what you want to do … “. Here you can type any content you want, such as “Change the font to Times New Roman” or “make the text blue “. When you type the “Tell me ” feature, the features and options associated with your request are immediately displayed.
  5. Sway
    Conway is nothing new in itself, but Microsoft has merged it into the Office 2016 suite. Wei combines elements of OneNote, Word, and PowerPoint to create a simpler, more efficient way to create compelling presentations. Avoidance is still a Windows 10 app and you must download it from the Windows store.

Microsoft Office 2016 can increase your productivity in 6 ways

  • Real-time co-authoring

Active-active replication is the horizontal scaling of an application on multiple servers, allowing changes to be propagated to multiple servers. Many organizations are now using active replication to ensure high availability. Explore the white paper provided by the software For many Office apps, co-authoring has been around for a long time, but through Office 2016, collaboration can now be done in real time. This means that you will be able to see what your accomplices are doing in a Word document or PowerPoint presentation, instead, they will be able to see what you are doing.

  • Onenote Notebook Sharing

OneNote is one of the most useful applications in Microsoft Office and one of the least popular. Office 2016 allows you to share OneNote notebooks with any number of people. And because OneNote works with text, images, worksheets, e-mail, and any other document type you can think of, it can be an important central resource for teams working on projects. That is, if they know to use it.

  • Simplify document sharing

Office 2016 simplifies document sharing by adding the “share ” button to the upper-right corner of the Office app. Clicking this button will give you one click to share the document with anyone in the contact list.

  • Smart Accessories

In previous versions of Office, adding attachments to an e-mail message required you to navigate to the location where the document was stored. You can still do this in Office 2016, but if the document is the document that you recently processed, it will now appear in the list of shareable documents in Outlook.

  • Outlook’s clutter.

Like most of us, you may receive a ton of emails every day. It takes time to wade into every email in your Outlook inbox and prevents you from improving your productivity. Office 2016 adds a new category to the Inbox Classification Toolbox, called “clutter “. You can specify some e-mail messages as low priority, and similar e-mail messages in the future are automatically stored in the Clutter folder in Outlook.

  • Better version history

Collaboration and creativity can be a confusing process, and sharing documents can change dramatically over time. Office 2016 compensates for potentially lost ideas by keeping past versions of documents and providing them directly from Office applications under the  “History ” section of the  “file ” menu.

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