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New computers today come with Windows 7 preinstalled-it is almost inevitable. On the other hand, if you are upgrading from Windows Vista to Windows 7, you’ve got it easy: upgrading to Windows 7 is a snap. Just insert the DVD and Windows 7 replaces Windows Vista, leaving all your files and programs intact.

Moving to Windows 7 from Windows Vista is a one-way street-you can not go back to the old version of Windows. Do not follow these instructions unless you are sure that you are ready.

Insert the Windows DVD and click the install now button.
Windows 7 product key churns away, preparing to install them.

Click Go Online to get the latest updates for installation (recommended).
Windows 7 will download the latest updates for your PC drivers, upgrades, and various fixes. It may seem unnecessary, but it will help to make your installation to run as smoothly as possible.

Read the license agreement, select I accept the license terms, and then click Next.
You must select I accept the windows 7 license terms before Microsoft will allow you to install the software.

Select Upgrade and click on next.
Upgrade preserves your PC’s old files, settings, and programs. If this option does not work:

You try to upgrade a Windows XP PC.

You try to upgrade from a Windows Vista version to a higher Windows 7 version, for example, from Windows Vista Home to Windows 7 Professional.
Your copy of Windows Vista do not have Service Pack 2.
To fix this, you can visit Windows Update and install Service Pack 2. If you still have problems, you can not have a genuine copy of Windows Vista installed.

The hard drive is not large enough (at least 16 GB of free space).
Read the compatibility report, if offered, and then click Next.
The compatibility report will explain any compatibility issues that it finds with your PC’s programs. Click next to start the upgrade-a process that can take several hours.

Enter the product key and click Next.
The product key is typically live on a small sticker attached to the CD packaging. If you install a version of Windows 7 that was preinstalled on your PC, look for the product key printed on a sticker attached to the side or back of the PC.

Enter your key with an India ink product. (Write on the side of the disc is printed.) That way you will always have a valid product key with the disc.

Do not select the automatically activate Windows when I’m online box. You can do it later when you know the Windows 7 works on your PC.

The Activation function windows 7 oem activation key takes a snapshot of your computer’s parts and attaching it with serial number, prevents you from installing cheap product key it on more than one computer.

Select use recommended settings.

This allows Windows to visit the Internet to update itself with security windows 7 pro product key generator  updates, warn you about suspicious websites, check for debug information, and submit the technical information to Microsoft to fine-tune Windows ‘ performance.

Confirm the time and date, and then click Next.
Windows 7 professional product key usually guessing these correctly.

If you are connected to a network, select the PC’s location.
It gives you options: at home, at work or in public. This setting determines the level of security, so be sure to choose the right.

Congratulations-you are now a member of the set. But before you get too comfortable, there are a few more things you should do:

Use Windows Update. Visit Windows Update and download security updates and updated drivers issued by Microsoft.
Make sure that recognize the software. Run old programs to make sure buy windows 7 product key they still work. If they don’t do it, to let go of the manufacturer’s website to see if they offer free updates or patches.
Check user accounts. Make sure that the PC’s user accounts work correctly.

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