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This is no longer a secret, Microsoft entered into a phase known as “aggressive” concerning the promotion of the free upgrade to Windows 10 offered to users of Windows 7 or Windows 8.1. If at first it happened by quite intrusive notifications, it seems that the giant is decided to automatically launch the processor upgrade without the consent of the user.

Windows 10, the upgrade process will start automatically.
There are more as well as interventions buy windows 7 product key on this subject. New reports indicate a many important of users surprised by the arrival of Windows 10 on their PC. This new operating system is installed, even if authorization is not given. It is possible that the confirmations buy windows 10 product key are many on Reddit around a post named “computer Windows 7, the Windows 10 upgrade is automatic and without permission”.

Is Microsoft responsible for?
This discovery is in fact not really a surprise. Why? Microsoft has evolved the status of update Windows 10 in the Windows Update service, you can read our news in this topic – Windows 10, the most aggressive upgrade campaign is launched- It rose to the title of “recommended”. The effect is immediate as if new hotfixes are installed, update Windows 10 is automatically part of the lot.

Given that this report comes a few days after the traditional Microsoft “Patch Tuesday”, it is quite normal that many users are surprised to start the update to Windows 10. Added to this is an assertion. Installation with windows 10 key without permission would be found.

Windows 10 installation, the user has no choice?
This is strange at the last statement by the giant in this regard. Microsoft said in its announcement of the passage on “Recommended” update to Windows 10, which the user would clearly have the choice windows 10 product key cheap whether to continue the installation. Terry Myerson, head of the bones of the giant branch has been clear about this in October 2015. He said

Then believe? One thing is certain. What is the reason for cheap windows 10 product key explaining the automatic installation of Windows 10 on your PC, you still have the possibility of turning back. Microsoft allows the user to return to the previous version of its operating system for 30 days.

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