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Participants of the Insider program, that allow continued automatic updates, can use also free the new operating system. With this statement Microsoft Manager Gabriel AUL has clarified on Tuesday – after a blog post from him previously for days had raised confusion among bloggers and journalists.

Under the title “Changes on future Windows 10 insider preview releases” AUL had posted on Friday on the Microsoft blog: “Insider program, members who have installed a preview version, get a final version of Windows 10, which remains in effect.”
This sentence alone had enough to provoke numerous messages: contrary to previous announcements, now anyone could get a free Windows 10, it said. The only requirement for it is just that you sign up for the Insider program, install a pre-release version of Windows 10 and connect them with their Microsoft account.

That would have meant, ultimately, everyone free to install Win 10, also users of older versions such as the oldies XP or Vista. Even users who have used so far even a legal Windows would have benefited.

Windows 10 Product Keys

Confusion about subtleties

But a day later the blog post has been changed. Also a new sentence was added: “It is important to note that only persons with original Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 on Windows 10 upgrade can.”

Thus, the confusion was perfect. It was puzzled: now everybody about the Insider program windows 10 activation key could get a free update – but perhaps at some point providing the service because it is not enabled? Applies the reporting of updates from Windows 7 and 8.1 may be only pro-forma?

Insider can stay inside

Now that said Manager AUL with a detailed update on his blog posts. Is he makes it clear, inter alia, that the Windows-10 Insider program “is no way to get a Windows 10 upgrade for Windows XP or Windows Vista.”

These restrictions do not apply for users who continue to participate in Microsoft’s Insider program. Who already have signed up for this, should do nothing further. The software installed in his stay enabled.
That only applies as long as the automatic installation of new prerelease is enabled. “While each update will expire after a certain time, but by you automatically get updates, they will have a new version Windows 10 Professional when the old is disabled”, explains AUL.

A loophole remains

Who has a licensed Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, nor allow the installation of new Preview versions must therefore restore its old operating system or buy a Windows 10 license. In the United States, which should be to get from about 120 dollars, prices for Germany does not exist yet.

By Microsoft offers the possibility to the participants of the Insider program, 10-Preview versions of Windows even on a bare system, without previous Windows software to install, the advance program remains a loophole for illegal installations. Who wants to use it, must however the disadvantages be aware that that entails: users may claim any support in this case and have to live in doubt so that the software contains errors or is unstable.
The last Windows

For Microsoft is the step to make a remarkable decision Windows 10 professional product key permanently free of charge. Finally, in may, it was announced manager Jerry Nixon, Windows 10 should be “the last version of Windows”.

What he means: instead of a few large, the operating system windows 10 license key should be continuously refined as of version 10, with regular updates and monthly publications. New version numbers or names are no longer needed.

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